Excerpt: Dalmatic

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The deacon does not wear a chasuble, but instead the dalmatic.  It is a short-sleeved tunic which came to Rome from Dalmatia (thus its name).  The prayer for the vesting of the dalmatic is:
Indue me, Dómine, induménto salútis et vestiménto lætítiæ;
et dalmática justítiæ circúmda me semper.

Endow me, Lord, with the garment of salvation, the vestment of joy,         
and with the dalmatic of justice ever encompass me.                                  
The dalmatic symbolizes the joy and happiness that are the fruits of dedication and service to the Lord.
The shortness of the sleeves is a reminder of the “practical” purpose of the deacon (cf. Acts 6:1-4), that they should be unencumbered in their ministry to the people.  The shape of the dalmatic is a closer match to the tunic which Christ wore at His crucifixion, so it represents the deacon’s participation in the suffering of Christ, as well as in the service of Christ.


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