Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 4:15 PM

Here are some answers to questions that might be raised about the book.

When will the new translation be used at Mass?
The best estimate is the First Sunday of Advent, either in 2011 (November 26, 2011) or in 2012 (December 1, 2012).  Those dates are Saturdays, which is when Advent officially begins with Vespers and anticipated Mass in the evening.
Why doesn't your book have a nihil obstat or an imprimatur?
I requested ecclesiastical approval from my diocese (Metuchen, NJ).  Here is the response I received from Rev. Msgr. William Benwell:
The Diocese of Metuchen ... [has] adopted a policy whereby only those books will be given formal ecclesiastical approval that require one according to law, i.e. catechisms and materials dealing with catechetical formation and books that will be used as textbooks (c. 827 §§1-2).  Also, given the potential volume of books sent to us by individuals printing their own books, it is not our practice to grant approval for self-published works. I wish you success with Praying the Mass and with your future endeavors to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
When I asked for a clarification (was my book being denied approval, or was approval simply not necessary for my book), the Monsignor replied "approval is not necessary."
As questions are asked, I'll do my best to answer them.