Reader Feedback

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 8:19 PM

I am very eager to know what readers of Praying the Mass: The Prayers of the People think about the book, so this post is an open forum for all readers to provide public feedback, whether it be questions, comments, corrections, suggestions, etc.

Also, I would love for readers to write reviews for the book, posted on your own blog (which will be linked to from and on!


  1. John F H H said...

    No sign of your books on the Maryvale Institute site!
    John Henley

  2. Jeffrey Pinyan said...

    They may not be listed on the web site, but if you call their library, you can order them that way.

  3. Ed said...

    I tried to order a couple of copies from Amazon and they have a 5-8 week delivery time. Can I just place the order through your website? I also wanted to order a copy of the second volume. Is that available through website too?


  4. Jeffrey Pinyan said...

    Ed - 5-8 weeks?! That's unusual.

    Yes, you can order the books directly from me. Just click the "Buy Now" icon on the left sidebar, and that will take you to PayPal.

    The second volume isn't available for sale yet because there may be some changes being made to the translation of the priest's prayers, and I'd rather not come out with a book and have to change it in a matter of weeks. I'll announce on the web site as soon as the second volume is available.