Good news on the parish front

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 4:36 PM

In addition to giving a complimentary copy of my book to the pastor and to the director of faith formation at my parish, a few parishioners have also eagerly purchased copies.  Our Parish Pastoral Council (of which I am a member) has updated its Three-Year Pastoral Plan to include the following:

Liturgical Formation: To catechize and prepare our parish community for the eventual implementation of the revised texts of the Roman Missal so that this new translation bears abundant fruit in the vibrant and authentic worship of our parish.
  1. Raise awareness of this new translation among our parishioners and catechize them as to why this translation is important.
  2. Form our parishioners in the language of this new translation, leading them to embrace the beauty of the liturgy of the Church and to appreciate what is being prayed.
  3. Affirm and celebrate this new translation, leading our parishioners to be able to fix this language in their hearts and enabling them to truly pray as the assembly of the Church.
Regardless of whether my book is well-received by my pastor, it pleases me greatly that we will, as a parish, receive the new translation in joy and obedience.