Two Interviews

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 9:40 AM

This past Friday, I was interviewed by Dave Lozinger of Hearing God's Call, a Catholic Radio blog for the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.  The interview will be podcasted later this month.

This coming Thursday, I will be interviewed on the Son Rise Morning Show, a three-hour Catholic Radio morning show (6 AM - 9 AM) out of Cincinnati, Ohio produced by Sacred Heart Radio.  I'll be on starting at 7:10 AM.  This is during the coveted simulcast-on-EWTN-radio hour (from 7 AM - 8 AM), so you can listen via Sacred Heart Radio or EWTN Radio, either online or on your radio thanks to your local EWTN Radio affiliate.

I'll be talking about Praying the Mass: The Prayers of the People, of course.  Many thanks to Matt Swaim (the producer), Rich Leonardi (who name-dropped The Cross Reference (specifically my Lectionary and Catechism search tools) on the show this morning, and who gave a reference to my book on his blog Ten Reasons), and Brian Patrick (the host).