Article in The Monitor

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 2:11 PM

My local diocesan newspaper, The Monitor of Trenton, had a "Special Report" section on the new English translation of the Roman Missal, three pages of articles about it. A local reporter for the paper, David Kilby, had interviewed me back in June, and this morning after Mass I was delighted to see the article/interview on Page 4!

Until the article goes online, I'll just include a brief excerpt here:

When antiquity and modernity meet in the Catholic Church, you get a book on the new English Mass translation sold trough and written by a computer programmer who emphasizes the importance of Scripture and Latin.

That is the paradox of Jeffrey Pinyan's first book, "Praying the Mass: The Prayers of the People." ...

"The Catholic Church isn't about language. It's about Jesus Christ," he said. "Language is important, but not as important as the Eucharist." Pinyan emphasizes how every change in the new Mass translation doesn't change the essence of the Mass. If anything it makes the realities of the Mass more forthright. ...

"Sometimes we need to be reminded of our message and mission. I think something like this book can help [faithful Catholics] see things they've never seen before."