Review by Carol Clark

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 12:37 PM

I had ordered this book in the hopes of sharing with cradle Catholics some of the depth of understanding of the mass that I, as a convert, had learned through my RCIA studies. But what a surprise! Instead of a 'once over lightly' of the rubrics and a few of the reasons for them, I found a veritable FEAST. As I read, I must stop every few verses and digest, much like the 'Selah' of the Psalms. While Scott Hahn's work on the Mass, The Lamb's Supper, whisked my mind and heart away into the heavenlies, this work rends the curtain between the two sanctuaries, allowing a synthesis that will forever change my experience of the mass - perhaps as much as Dr Hahn's book has! God bless both authors for their gifts to the Church. (from