Radio Show ep. 6: Liturgy of the Word (2 of 2)

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 1:27 PM

Air Date:  November 21, 2010 (11 AM) / November 26, 2010 (2 PM)
Topic: Liturgy of the Word:  Homily, Profession of Faith, Prayer of the Faithful

  • Liturgy of the Word
    • Episode 5: Readings, Responsorial Psalm, Alleluia, Gospel
    • Episode 6: Homily, Profession of Faith, Prayer of the Faithful
    • Purpose is to establish communion among the faithful and prepare them to listen properly to God's word and celebrate the Eucharist worthily
  • Homily
    • Purpose
    • History
    • The Homily and the Mass
  • Profession of Faith (Creed)
    • Apostles' Creed
    • Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed
      • "I believe"
      • "Visible and invisible"
      • "Consubstantial with the Father"
      • "Incarnate of the Virgin Mary"
  • Prayer of the Faithful
  • Next episode on the Liturgy of the Eucharist (Overview and Offertory)
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