NEW Catechism Search

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 4:14 PM

I've spent the past two weeks developing a new version of my Catechism search engine.  You can see the results of my labors here:

The Compendium, Lectionary, and Document search engines will be similarly updated during the month of July.


  1. † Dominic of Chandler said...

    Looks interesting. I perused it for several minutes. What are the features and benefits?

  2. Jeffrey Pinyan said...

    (Hrm, since the USCCB updated their web site, the automatic today's-readings feature is broken. Must fix that soon!)

    Dominic, I think my Catechism search engine has these things in its favor:

    1. Searchable by word, phrase, Scripture reference, paragraph number, or section.

    2. Easy access to footnotes (under each paragraph, rather than at the bottom of the page) and cross-references (on the side).

    3. A (currently-broken) hook into today's readings, so you can see what the Catechism says about them.

    4. You can see as much or as little of the Catechism at a time -- more than just one paragraph or section, you can see excerpts of any size quickly and easily.

    In the future I'll find hooks into Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  3. PeterKnCA said...

    Great search engine. I love having the results within the context of the four sections. I also love the biblical search feature. Thank you for putting this capability together. God bless you!