"And with your spirit" and the new Gloria

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 7:08 PM

Thursday morning at 8:10 AM (Eastern) tune into your local EWTN radio affiliate to hear me speaking with Brian Patrick of the Son Rise Morning Show about the new English translation of the Mass, specifically our response "And with your spirit" and the changes to the Gloria.


  1. USMaleSF said...

    This is an off topic and probably pretty uncharitable comment.

    For about six or eight months,I frequented the PrayTell blog. Although I have moved on to other things, the liturgy was for a very long time a big interest of mine. I have to say that the subtitle of that blog "worship, wit and wisdom" was false advertizing. Very little of the last two.

    I finally stopped visiting after yet one more adolescent and nasty blast from one of the two or three women there (not all, of course) who seemed unable to think,but only stamp their feet and insult people...with very little pushback from the men.

    And with some exceptions, a lot of those folks seems stuck in 1968, bitter Boomers, each with their own personal magisterium, looking for a kind of Roman Catholicism which is just not going to show up. A lot of them are really just Episcopalians without the courage to cross over. After all, like Matthew Fox, once they leave Rome, they have no soapbox left and they become uninteresting. Very unimpressive. Their obsessions with the new translation --which certainly has its faults--just sounded to me like a long tantrum.

    The real objection to it for a lot of them, as well as their antipathy to the EF, is that it rejects the strange expert-led groovy populism --the funny combo of diminishing the ordained ministry while pressing for the priesting of wymyn--which was the style for a couple of decades and will fade away. As well, they are so strong on the role of the laity, but imagine that "the people in the pews" are so stupid and bovine that words like chalice, incarnate, consubstantial will drive them away from Mass.


    Anyway, my rant is over. Good luck to you. You must be a very patient man.

    Since you seemed smart, well-informed and civil, I just thought I'd get this off my chest here.

  2. USMaleSF said...

    I'm back again to rant about PrayTell. Your continuing engagement with most of them is saintly.

    If I've seen evidence that Cardinal George was right when he described liberal Catholicism as "an exhausted project", that blog is one. Unbelievable paranoia.

    To consummate the implosion of the groovy postVatII generation Father J O'L should marry SB and SP...using the 1998 version only. Really stunning adolescence.