Where is Praying the Mass being used?

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 1:45 PM

Visitors to PrayingTheMass.com might be wondering where people and parishes are using the Praying the Mass series for catechesis. Not only are individuals buying the book, but there are parishes and prayer groups that are ordering copies for group study and discussion. And so, I've decided to give some details about where around the world people are using The Prayers of the People.

  • Apex, NC: a women's group ordered 30 copies of the book.
  • Charlotte, NC: 12 copies were sold after I gave a "Liturgy & Lager" presentation on the new translation.
  • Collierville, TN: 19 people bought a copy after a retreat I gave at their parish. The same parish ordered 75 copies previously for their catechists.
  • Fuquay-Varina, NC: a catechist bought 23 copies for the parents of her students
  • Hamilton, NJ: 15 people bought a copy after a presentation I gave at their parish.
  • Marathon, FL: a woman bought 10 copies for sale at her parish bazaar.
  • St. Paul, MN: a priest at a seminary bought 25 copies for his students.
  • Steubenville, OH: 24 copies were sold at a catechetical conference in July.
  • Washington, DC: the Basilica National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception carries my books in their bookstore.
  • Birmingham, England: the Maryvale Institute carries my book in their bookstore.
  • Melbourne, Australia: the Central Catholic Bookshop carries my books in their bookstore.
  • Ohope, New Zealand: 30 copies were bought for the parish RCIA program.

Free preview of Praying the Mass books

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 11:11 AM

I've decided to put a chapter of both The Prayers of the People and The Prayers of the Priest online as a free PDF preview.  I've chosen the chapter on the Liturgy of the Word from both, so that the two together represent a complete unit of liturgical catechesis.

  • The Prayers of the People, Chapter 6 ("The Liturgy of the Word")
  • The Prayers of the Priest, Chapter 4 ("The Liturgy of the Word")

Parishioner testimonials from Collierville, TN

Posted by Jeffrey Pinyan at 9:29 AM

The following are two "thank you" notes I received from parishioners at Incarnation Catholic Church in Collierville, TN.

I write heartfelt thanks for your conference at Incarnation Church in Collierville, TN. The celebration of the Mass came alive for me in your talks. My intimate union with Jesus has been growing in all dimensions. It is exciting to be able to "see and experience" all the angels and saints at Mass. It is most exciting of all experiences to recognize that I am being transformed by Christ in the Eucharist. All that you shared that day brought it home for me. I am eternally grateful. Peace be with you!
Deb R.

Jeff, thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge of the Mass with us. Through your presentations, you have made the words and actions of the Mass come alive and become meaningful to my life. I look forward to developing a stronger relationship with God through His Eucharistic celebration. May God shower His blessings upon you as you continue to spread your wonderful knowledge of the Mass.
Marsha K.

The Prayers of the Priest now in print!

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The second volume of the Praying the Mass series is now in print!  I am thrilled to announce that The Prayers of the Priest is available for sale as of February 23, 2011.  The book is 250 pages and is $16.00 plus shipping.  Orders in the USA and Canada can be made through PayPal.  Details on purchasing the book are found here.  The book is not yet available overseas

The book's foreword was written by Fr. Tim Finigan (of The Hermeneutic of Continuity).

Buy The Prayers of the Priest

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Prayers of the Priest
Prayers of the People | The Eucharistic Prayers

Now available: digital download (as a PDF) for 50% off and no shipping!  Own a digital copy of Praying the Mass: The Prayers of the Priest for 8.00 USD by clicking here:

The print edition is available for purchase (16.00 USD/copy + shipping) as of September 22, 2009.  This price is only guaranteed in North America.  Prices for international orders will vary, especially regarding shipping.

If you are a bookseller and would like to place a bulk order (10 or more copies) at a discounted rate (9.60 USD/book, 40% off), email me directly with a purchase order:  jeff [at] prayingthemass [dot] com.

For people in North America, there are three ways to order the book.
  1. Buy it through Amazon.com
  2. Buy it through CreateSpace.com
  3. Buy it directly from me via the Paypal "Buy Now" button (with a fixed $3.61 shipping charge)
Option 3 is the most beneficial for me (I get the largest amount of royalties that way) which means it is the most beneficial to the charities I support from my book's sales.  No matter how you buy the book, please consider writing a review for it on Amazon.com.

For everyone else (e.g. outside North America), please email me directly for purchase information:  jeff [at] prayingthemass [dot] com.  You will most likely have to pay more than 3.61 USD in shipping costs.

Buy from me!

"Praying the Mass" at Incarnation Catholic Church in Collierville, TN

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Here are the four talks (and Q&A session) of my recent parish retreat on "Praying the Mass" at Incarnation Catholic Church in Collierville, TN.

First Talk (33:28)

Second Talk (49:36)

Third Talk (53:10)

Fourth Talk (58:18)

Q&A Session (27:03)